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Concrete Building


10+ Year leases on entire blocks, ensuring 0 tenancy voids and maximum returns.

Why Lease To Pillo rooms? 

Guaranteed Rent

  • Zero risk of voids in tenancy schedules

  • No hassle with tenants and evictions

  • Guaranteed rate of return for developers and your investors 


  • Each Pillo Rooms unit has consistent inventory and amenities

  • Our units are branded and easily recognised for their stylish yet comfy interiors


& repairs

  • We have a dedicated maintenance team on call 24/7

  • Regular maintenance & inventory checks ensure units in our portfolio are maintained to their optimal conditions 


  • Our units average 72% occupancy rates each month

  • Dynamic pricing tools enable us to remain competitive at all times and secure maximum revenue


  • Our dedicated Guest Experience team ensure repeat custom

  • 90% of our reviews are 5* across all platforms


  • We offer an IRI or a FRI lease depending on the type of property

  • We agree rent increases at certain milestones in the lease or a rent review to be agreed

"After a number of offers from prospective operators we decided to work with Pillo Rooms as they showed an attention to detail that other companies did not. They have since met all responsibilities as tenants.The rent has always been paid on time and there are no rent arrears. The building is maintained to an exemplary condition."

"Pillo Rooms have rented my property since 2019. The property comprises of 11 newly converted self contained apartments and the communal areas. The premises are well maintained along with prompt payment of the rent. 

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them."

Cleaning Hotel Room

What our partners say:

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